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If you’re not sure what a good cybersecurity strategy looks like, contact Jisc, check out the National Cyber Security Centre website, or go through the following checklist: Risk assessment: What are you trying to protect against?

Criminal gangs, disgruntled students and staff, 'hacktivists'?

Instead, we recognise something like this is avoidable and my advice is to concentrate on preventative measures, which are expensive, but still cheaper in the long run.

However, I know cybersecurity isn’t always a priority for college leaders, and that must be a frustration and a worry for staff in many colleges who realise that it doesn’t pay to skimp on this issue.

Then there’s the obvious disruption and loss of productivity for the duration of the outage, not to mention the cost of extra personnel hours to deal with the clean-up and repair.

There is some research which puts the cost of a network outage at around £3,300 per minute, but I’d rather not think too much about that.

Just imagine – no email, no admin or finance systems, no wi-fi or internet, no virtual learning environment and no access to learning resources.

There’s also a risk that students could lose their work and we’d have to revert to a style of teaching we’ve taken years to modernise.

As a result, we know what we must do to keep our staff, students, network and systems safe.

Last, but by no means least, it could be a PR nightmare.

Students don’t hang about when something like this happens.

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