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Under the guidance of Neat Club advisor  Apurv Mishra, a TED fellow, startup CEO, and World Economic Forum advisor, Shah and her team are now working to develop partnerships with testing facilities to handle the lab-to-app pipeline, and to make it easier for users to regularly undergo the app's list of required STI tests.

Some of which--stigma and privacy concerns and strange cocktail recipes aside--could be a big mistake, according to sexual health specialists.

And while Neat Club does warn users that its required tests every four months don't guarantee safety, Wyand said, the implicit suggestion that a user's status has been confirmed one way or the other poses a problem.

""Whether it's with this app or just by going into your doctor, you’re not going to be tested for every sexually transmitted illness," he said.

dating app with STD verification" still has a sparse website, is getting its business model, staff experts, and lab-testing partners sorted out, and reportedly boasts a small number of users who're working to certify their test results in the app's online portal.

Its developers have begun addressing early snags, too, and are waiting on Apple to update some language.* Unlike most fledgling apps, however, it has truly broken new ground for mobile, combining the medical data space and (selectively) social space in a seemingly unprecedented way, if one we should've seen coming.

By phone, founder Ashka Shah noted that medical experts have described the ongoing rise in STI cases in the United States as an epidemic--one that particularly affects gay and bisexual men, and which the CDC credits in large part to related funding cuts in recent years, Slate pointed out."The single exception is gay men, and especially HIV-positive men.On the other hand, a good side to testing for Hepatitis C is because of its risk to the liver, but it's a test that [Baby] Boomers should be getting, so probably not people using the app." And when it comes to HPV tests, which Neat Club currently requires for women only, Handsfield commented that they "shouldn't be done." He explained, “There are no FDA approved tests at all in males, and even though some labs will do them by swabbing the outside of the penis, the man could have two or three types simultaneously and the test is only designed to pick up one."Good grief, no.  Too low a risk, and there's no carrier state for hepatitis A," he said."A negative result just means someone doesn't have it at that moment.

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