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One of the parties poses as an alias and, at some point, the plot calls for the male to pass himself off as gay in order to lower her resistance to his seductive moves.The bachelor typically has a wealthy, neurotic sidekick, while the career woman turns to a cynical, outspoken best female friend.Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding her personal and professional life.It seems she is doing the best job without harming others for which she hasn’t been a part of controversy yet.Obviously, given that during the '60s, we started seeing movies like "Dr.

Tom plays along with the charade despite not knowing who Joan really is, while she tries to tidy up Tom's place not knowing who he really is.

She is loved by everyone for her work and adorable looks.

Also, she is so young to be a part of rumors and controversies.

See more » OK, so we in the 21st century don't judge Sandra Dee's movies too kindly, as she usually played some nubile woman existing only to be cute, and we don't consider it particularly PC.

The truth is, most of the teen flicks of the past 25 years haven't been much different, and I for one find "That Funny Feeling" more interesting than many of the teen flicks from my lifetime.

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