Get demon wind shuriken naruto dating sim

So with his curious nature place his palm on top of the seal began to pump chakra into the seal, doing so caused a puff of smoke to appear and what looked like a man came into view.

As the smoke cleared the said man stood 6"0 with a lean and athletic figure a round face with spiked navy hair and chocolate brown eyes he sported a black long sleeve muscle shirt, black anbu pants and black shinobi sandal he looked in his mid 20's.

Naruto jump from tree to tree when suddenly iruka appeared beside him saying "Naruto give me the scroll its what mizuki after" Naruto looked at him and rammed into him with his shoulders as he fell from the trees.

Naruto crashed in front of a tree and iruka landed on his feet.

" Naruto ask as he look at them and think if he had did something wrong."Naruto the reason I ask you to come in today is to meet your future wife." the 3rd Hokage said with a smile before as he light his pipe before putting it into his mouth."Wife?!Campione is title given to one who has as succeeded in defeating a god/goddess stripping him/her of their divinity,power,avatars, and godhood, campione; he is control by no one, he is demon that can not be stopped he is a king of the world.So what do you say Naruto Uzumaki do you wish to succeed me and become a campione ? " "pass pass what" asked an curious iruka in the corner of his eye he saw Mizuki unhooking a demon wind shuriken from his back.Its simply really, do you know what happened twelve years ago"mizuki asked I nodded "o-of course,its the day the kyuubi attacked" I answered "Yes but its also the day you were born you see our beloved fourth couldn't killed the demon so he sealed it into a new born that new born was you naruto!! I froze "You the KYUUBI NARUTO you are reason there so many orphaned in konoha you the reason iruka's parents are dead and you are the reason for the fourth's death NOW DIE!!!" he yelled as he hurdled another demon wind shuriken I was frozen I closed my eyes then I heard the sound of flesh being thorn as I felt something wet run down my face I opened my eyes and as amazed as iruka was standing over me with a giant demon wind shuriken I started to cry "why iruka" I ask while sobbing "because you not a demon your human like the rest of us" said iruka.

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