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If she genuinely wants to hang out she'll give you an alternative ("I'm free Tuesday night").It never hurts to try another time, but if you get two no's give up.“Do not think that you will change their mind,” Durvasula says.“It won’t work, you will get hurt, and you will be disappointed.”Charnas points out that there’s not much you can do about it either way.If you had offended her, she wouldn't have responded to your texts.From the start of this column, I've quoted my friend Danielle, who doesn't believe that anyone is ever too busy to seek out what they want. This woman is allowing herself to be too busy for another date because she doesn't want it enough. Either she's trying to give you a hint, or she's bad enough at subtlety and logistics that she'll be more trouble than she's worth anyways. I am a pretty busy girl myself, and I know there have been so many times that I've had to tell people that, and they just assume I am brushing them off, when I really honestly am just busy!I've lost friends because they thought I didn't value our friendship, when I just didn't have enough time for them at the moment.

Long story short, over the next two weeks I asked her to go out on three occasions and each time she replied, "I'm busy then, but how about [blank]? Normally I would accept this as a brush off and move on, but that great first date and the fact we kissed twice (which I feel you wouldn't do if you knew you didn't want to see the person again) has left me confused.Or let sleeping dogs lie and assume I just was a hopeless romantic about our date?– Hopeless She might not want a second date for the same reason she was OK with those aimless messages in 2013.If you’re really into them and you feel like they’re really into you, too, Durvasula recommends “compartmentalizing” them—meaning, put them on the backburner and go about your life.If their schedule opens up in the future and they pursue you, great.

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