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To embed a gadget in Sites: After building your gadget, you should test it thoroughly before using it and allowing others to do the same.

Test your gadget manually by creating one or more test Google Sites and embedding your gadget.

Therefore, Google recommends you build all Sites gadgets using the current gadgets.* API.

See this post for an explanation: is a simple but popular Include gadget that does little more than provide an iframe for passing through other web content: See Getting Started: gadgets.* API for a complete description of gadget tags and expected contents.

Built-in and feed-based gadgets are similarly not supported.Some gadgets are no more than that, iframes that pass through information from another web site.More advanced gadgets collect dynamic content and provide for interactive applications within your Sites pages. Gadgets consist of the following components: Gadgets built for Sites may be used by all viewers of a site.A personalized calendar gadget in would likely show the calendar of the logged in user by default, while a calendar gadget in Sites might allow collaborators to select from a variety of location-specific calendars.Sites gadgets allow you to present multiple pieces of information from external sources (say live diagrams from distinct but related performance dashboards) in a single page along with explanatory text published directly in Sites.

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Here are your gadget hosting options: Gadgets are just HTML and (optionally) Java Script, Flash or Silverlight wrapped in XML.

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