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In 2010, the group, which had new members Catherine Popper and Benny Yurco, dropped a self-titled album featuring the singles "Tiny Light" and "Paris (Ooh La La)," both of which showcased Potter's passionate, powerhouse rock vocals.

The album, featuring production by Mark Batson, also offered a glossier sound and racier imagery.

"Some fans defended it and some were really upset about it," Potter said in an interview with Men's Health regarding the album's sexual overtones, which she sees as full of wit and humor.

But there’s a very specific connectivity I’ve been exploring with the audience. At first, it started out at as a Nocturnals record, and over the course of a year and a half making it, things just shook loose from under me and I had to hold myself accountable for that and take responsibility.

Grace Potter knows now after disbanding the Nocturnals (b. Saturday, the Vermont rocker with a platinum wail debuts her new act at the Moody Theater. I cracked the code and figured out why a show is what it is for me. I care about my band mates and I care about the Nocturnals, and I care about the legacy that I built. The risk was mine, so I knew I was going to stick my neck out there and definitely be exposed at the jugular, so to speak.

It’s one of the most cathartic and visceral experiences of my life because I finally figured it out. Like I learned that fans especially are really sensitive to who’s in the band and what’s going on, and I created that atmosphere. GP: Well, at the end of it – toward the record coming out – it was more of a release than fear.

The Nocturnals were wonderful and they were my best friends, and it was a real, true family.

And I thought music would be a perfect opportunity to hang out with my friends, tour everywhere, perform, and it would be so fun.

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