Grady sizemore still dating brittany binger

The posted photos were stolen from his girlfriend's e-mail account and a legal investigation is under way."The Web site posted at least 15 pictures of Sizemore.

Brittany Binger was born in Bellevue, Ohio, and graduated Bellevue High School in 2005. Binger began her career around the age of 13, signing with Ford Models in New York.

If I’m the Indians I’ve got to be annoyed that Grady already has an injury planned, or if he scheduled it during the All-Star Break, that he knows he won’t be an All-Star. What hasn’t been known is why the current non-jilted girlfriend would leak these pics. Ayers is alleged to have hacked Brittany’s password to obtain the photos.

Seriously dude, you have a 6 month offseason where your job is to work out. Brittany is a 23 year old model who is best known for her former Playboy Playmate of the Month title in June, 2007. When originally confronted by authorities investigating the case, Ayers told cops that her computer was being worked on the repair a broken fan.

In part, MLB’s e-mail to the website said, “The photos posted in the article cited below are the property of Grady Sizemore. We’ve begun an investigation and request that you immediately remove Mr.

Sizemore’s property from the posting.” Read more in The Plain Dealer.

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