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His last album ‘K on Top of the Piano’ (2014) has not only a flavor of organically produced music but is strickingly graphic and vivid.

Alekos Vretos has collaborated with legendary composer Mikis Theodorakis, as well as Gilad Atzmon, Simon Shaheen, Martha D.

Like the traditional western mandolin, it is a fine vehicle for improvisation, something Vretos amply demonstrates on his albums and on stage.

With his album ‘Mergin’ (2009), Vretos merged Arabic and Latin Music with taste and intelligence.

Greek men make good fathers and providers and tend to be the decision-makers of the family unit.

On the whole Greek men are highly demonstrative and spontaneous in nature.

You will find a number of postings written by diverse individuals who have a lot to say about their varied beliefs.

While many conversations are often centered around relationships, you will also find a lot of educated individuals who have insightful things to say about the issues they truly care about.

For his work and help towards the music scene (especially World Jazz), he was included in 2013 list of the 100 1 most influential people in the Greek music scene published by the Athens Voice newspaper.How can we unite to strengthen the sector and work together, to have one voice and lobby towards the recognition of music professional needs?Θέλεις να εξελίξεις το Φεστιβάλ σου, το πολιτιστικό σου χώρο και να συνεργαστείς με συναδέρφους του εξωτερικού; Θέλεις να ανταλλάξεις γνώσεις πάνω στη μουσική βιομηχανία ή να δώσεις τα φώτα σου σε νέους δημιουργούς; Ψάχνεις τρόπους ανάπτυξης και χρηματοδότησης για το νέο σου project; Αυτή η συνάντηση είναι για σένα!Hear Parity play their own music and music from the 90s that they love, blending elements of improvisation with post-rock soundscapes and contemporary music language, alternating their musical density between melody, harmony and rhythm.Irene Skylakaki is a London-based singer/songwriter, originally from Athens, Greece.

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