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What this amounts to is Javascript editing the style of a control (setting display:none on a element).

This element is not included in the ajax update nor is it edited server-side. I've stepped through the entire codebehind line by line and at no point does the control get updated.

Likewise, if you enter only "9" then "List Item9" is the only one visible.

For this test, don't enter anything and just click on one of the items in Rad List Box1.

This event handler changes the visibility of the items in the radlistbox to filter the contents according to the value in the textbox by setting the css display property to none.

Adjacent to the radlistbox is another control with several textboxes that are updated when an item in the radlistbox is selected.

You will note that the other four textboxes are updated to show the value of the selected item, namely "List Item n was selected" where n is the item in the list. The contents of Rad List Box1 is filtered to show only "List Item1" and "List Item10" - click one of them.

Notice that every item in Rad List Box1 is now visible and that the value of the clicked item is now displayed in the other four textbox controls.

(Note: For visual-studio 2005, we’ll have to make this web-application ajax enabled by selecting “Asp . Do note that in case of visual studio 2008, it has an in-built support for ajax, so there is no need to specify anything extra.) Now, in Design-Mode, Add “Timer” and “Update-Panel” controls from “Ajax Extensions” tab of Toolbox. Add the Grid View control inside the Update-Panel Control.Hi Keith, I tried to reproduce the described issue but to no avail.I am sending you a simple example based on your code.We use gridview to view data in tabular format on the web page.If the web page is not reloaded for some time, and somedata manipulation(insert/update/delete) occurs at backend, then the viewer is presented with older(wrong) data.

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However, when i manually refresh my page, then it does.

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