He updated his dating profile

It would drive me nuts and i wouldn't be able to handle it.

I just went through this with my current guy and thank god it went the other way - we agreed to be exclusive.

I still log onto the site, though I'm not responding to anyone's email, and a few days ago on my homepage it shows that he uploaded a new picture. I know I can't be mad since despite me saying I don't want to date others we never officially agreed to be exclusive, but I also feel like it's not a good thing after our talk last weekend. We even have plans to take a mini vacation/road trip together next week (his idea), so I feel like we're on the right path. I'm glad I sound level-headed since I really am trying to be rational about things. I don't respond to anyone anyways at this point, so the only thing it can do is cause me grief if I see he updated again.

That's exactly my feeling too, and once I find someone I like then I'm not good with dating other people and want to focus on the one.

I'm going to think about things this weekend and probably bring it up again this week when we go on our road trip.

But, now I've just felt really sad about this whole thing and worried I'm going to get hurt. Is it a really bad sign he's updating his profile still? I think him not mirroring my words about not wanting to date others also hurt me more than I thought at first.

I feel like after a month and after spending weekends together and planning a road trip it's not too soon to be exclusive, but I wasn't sure how much to push last weekend. I get hit with the crazy/jealous bat at times, too. The last guy I dated from okc we dated about this long.

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