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Field surveys further revealed that this intermediate daily mating rate established in the laboratory closely matches realized field mating rates [21].

All these findings suggest that the detected mating rate is close to the female fitness optimum.

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For example, theoretical and empirical work shows that female selectivity generally increases at higher population densities, resulting in stronger sexual selection on males [2–8].

Yet, few studies to date have investigated the effect of variation in population density on realized mating rates [1].

Because our predictions match those of the theoretical work by Härdling and Kaitala [11] developed for separate sex species (see above), we discuss our findings accordingly.

Mating rates of both sexual functions are often directly linked via reciprocal mating, where individuals donate and receive sperm during a single copulatory bout [12, 13].

A different scenario being concordant with the predictions by Härdling & Kaitala [11] appears plausible for the simultaneously hermaphroditic opisthobranch Chelidonura sandrana.

In this non-selfing internal fertilizer, multiple matings are frequent in both sexual functions [21].

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