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Kariel Summer Thompson is a speech therapist in Los Angeles. Mine is not the first relationship that she’s ruined.And she also cheated on her ex boyfriend with whom I had lunch.Rather than wait for your wife to take the initiative and move on with someone else, you might want to save your sanity and your dignity and take some time to separate from each other.Permanent or not, you will need to tell one another that you aren’t going to wait for heartbreak, you’re just going to go through the steps and make sure that things end as amicably as possible.This option is going to hurt for sure, but the fact of the matter is it might be the only option.A trial separation has helped some people come back together but the prognosis is not always good.Is all sweet and “caring” but will throw you under the bus first chance she gets. This woman will take your man right out from under you and has no care in the world if he is married or not married. She will go to the ends of the earth to ruin a marriage especially when she already knows they married and play the victim when shit gets found out. This little girl Fs more dudes in a week than an entire old school brothel.

But really behind close doors she sucking and f*cking everything on the block. She banged my husband and contributed to breaking up a 15 year marriage, leaving two kids heart broken. My husband of 5 years (together 10 years) & father to our 3 y/o son hit rock bottom. She knew all along he was married with a 2 y/o baby at home but chased gim for a year. Has calculus build up on her top teeth so thick it looks like one solid tooth. After 10 years, somehow she and my husband managed to go away together, go on dates, chat on secret messaging apps, like Wickr, and steal my husband. I have opened my home to this woman in her times of need and this is what I get.Her track record shows that she favors men in serious relationships.She’s got no morals, she gives no f*cks if she’s tearing a family apart.Alright, if things are really serious and you are trying to keep things together, then it might be some time to buck up and get some marriage counseling.This is not really pleasant, but having a third party there so that you can talk through the issues that you’re having with your wife can really help.

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