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Dick will deliver fertilizer directly to soil around roots, instead of wasteful blanket spraying, and use a laser or micro-spray chemicals to kill weeds.

Harry will insert seeds into the earth at a uniform depth and spacing, eliminating the need for tractors to plow furrows.

Eventually, farms “will be able to automate virtually everything,” said Tim Chambers, a farmer who’s not involved in the trial.

Back in our countries, Sai and I would have legitimately feared for our lives and our safety if our families and communities didn't accept the relationship.

In India, interfaith marriage is on the rise but far from the acceptable norm. ) and major life decisions are made just to avoid bringing shame to a family.

He wanted to put the expectations of his parents above everything else and follow the life path they had laid out for him.

I, on the other hand, wanted to explore all that life could offer, make my own decisions and see where life would lead.

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