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Eliza Weitbrecht, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Cincinnati (now a postdoctoral fellow at the Palo Alto VA), and I tried to answer some of these questions by exploring the relational outcomes of hookups in a sample of college students.In this study, published in Personal Relationships, male and female college students (all of whom had recently hooked up) completed questionnaires about their most recent hookup.It does appear to be true that some hookups are one-time encounters that involve no further contact between partners, and that others may happen repeatedly, but don’t involve anything more than sex. Even if her infidelity leads to divorce and she moves in with the biological father with the child.But at the same time, these findings suggest that hookups sometimes are the start of a path that young couples take toward developing a more traditional romantic relationship. There are very simple biological reasons why a woman's value go's down with every sexual relationship. The ex husband will still be paying child support for a child that isn't his.It lulls women into believing they are helpless without it.It gives the parent who "wins" the children a heck of a battle axe with which to beat the other parent to a pulp.

Because a man can't be sure any offspring is really his. A man however has to have great qualities to even get to sleep with many women in the first place. Even low quality women can get laid whenever they want. Hello every one i want to share my testimony on how i got my sugar-mummy, a friend of mine that always give me money…because he was very rich, one day he said he is not going to give me fish that he is going to teach me how to fish, so i was very happy, i never knew he have a SUGAR-MUMMY all my life we have spend together! And they don't stick around to provide for women and children. And even a underage boy who was raped can be forced to pay child support to his rapist. Just ask many war veterans who are now paying child support for a child that isn't theirs.

The parent doesn't deserve the roof to be provided by the ex.

This scheme of everyone providing for their own children when they have them will encourage cooperation and will provide incentive for a divorced parent to encourage the child's time and relationship with the other parent. Men's instinctive reaction toward a woman who "sleeps around" also has not caught up. Many men who would reject a single woman who has had many uncommitted interactions don't think twice about marrying and taking on the children of a woman who has been married before, sometimes married several times. If you think about it, a single woman who has had many flings may just be more honest.

A normal, competent parent with work skills should support his/her child when the child is with him/her.

It really doesn't matter that the child's other parent earns more money.

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