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When you have The Adolescents and CKY and a bunch of bands you don’t really have municipal ways… all homies now, which is incredible because I never would have thought in my life that would have came about. I’d say the first week was a bit gut-wrenching for me. I couldn’t just put together a setlist last minute. I’m so glad that we ended up doing it because it was like, “do we do this or not? ” It’s literally, they sit there and listen to you performing, which I really loved. It’s literally like the pop punk day camp but for everyone. So, it was cool and I’m so glad that people accepted me as the artist I am. Do you see yourself collaborating, whether it’s musically or another tour, with any of those artists? Thanks to every person who had kind words about the design! I met him on Paramore's Parahoy Cruise (Where I became Rainbow Beard). My wife and daughter were watching the APMA's live from San Diego. We first walked up to Times Square and did the requisite Time Square pics and did the NT pizza slice thing. I was glad to finally be there in its presence, soaking it all in. I must have given out 5000 high fives, and taken 1000 selfies during Warped Tour this Summer! Shout out to all the Rainbow Beard fans I met on tour, and anyone I met at a particular city! Congrats to anyone who was able to snag one of my Rainbow Beard Vinyl Stickers! The following are thoughts and shots from throughout tour. Terry is on the setup crew and has worked on Warped Tour for years. Once "My Friends Over You" came on, this big ol' boy hit the mosh pit! The day after Holmdel, NJ show, we had another day off. We all rode the subway from New Jersey to New York City and did the tourist thing for the Mooseblood dudes. The only other time I was in NY, they were still constructing it. Later on, we went to probably the cheapest bar in NY. They tour the US with Turnstile, Angel Dust and Vein this winter.Keith Buckley’s new novel ‘Watch’ is out now via Rare Bird Books.

But yeah, I would love to do something with them, I might go to Australia and do a couple of opening slots for Hands Like Houses. I want to produce more, maybe start acting but you know, for now, music is definitely like the number one.

, I had the chance to chat with Sammy before his set about new music, Warped Tour and what’s coming up next for him.

I love putting songs out at the end of summer because I feel like it’s more nostalgic. So it was great, but really just the production alone really made me come up with the idea and overcoming hardships and shit that happens to you as an artist. So I’ve heard you teased a song called “Driving” for your fans on Warped Tour.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this music industry, you’re the only thing that matters and obviously the fans are the only reason that I’m here, so it takes a little soul searching and a little digging to find the things you want.

But in the future, I’m excited to be off the road, have a little time to myself, to dig deep into this next project and just make everything as “me” as possible.

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