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It comes a day after the duo tried very hard to play it cool for photographers at the amf AR Gala.

paddleboarding photos start doing the rounds and suddenly, this relationship doesn't feel so private any more.

Days later, they pair look like they had the greatest Thanksgiving EVER, which suggests they haven't split up after all.2nd January 2017: Orlando kicks off 2017 by very publicly showing just how committed he is to his girlfriend.

❤️BILL & HILL 4EVA❤️ Hair, makeup & prosthetics by: @tonygardner @Makeup_man @Carltoncoleman_makeupfx @mthreemfx Wardrobe by: @sweetbabyjamie Trump troll by: @jwujek & @shokrala A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on : "Not long after Halloween, Orlando confessed to pals that he'd decided to end their relationship.

It must be love.15th January 2017: In honour of Orlando's 40th birthday, Katy throws him an all-out surprise party in Palm Springs. The birthday boy gets treated to a cake topped with a life-size fondant owl on top and a surprise visit from his mum.

She also arranges for guests to be given onesies printed with Orlando's face on the front. Oscars party, but multiple sources report that they weren't as close as usual during the event.

"They just took a break because it was the best thing for them at that time, [but they] are seeing each other again."The insider added, "Katy and Orlando want this to work this time, so they are working on mending their relationship.

They've had some really good talks and have a better understanding on their needs.

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