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Had a chance encounter with a woman who is just absolutely perfect?Does your heart skip a beat, when you look at her or talk to her? However, what if you find out that the woman is married? You will obviously feel like you should not pursue her.Text messages are ways of expressing emotions and feelings in the best possible manner.If you are someone who is shy and cannot express his feelings face-to-face, then you can probably utilise text messages to your advantage.Without feeling awkward, you can express your love to the married woman you like.Text messages allow you to be in constant touch with the married woman and make her feel special and wanted.Texting can eventually lead to phone conversations, which might increase your chances of developing a relationship with the woman.You just have to be smart enough to use appropriate words and emojis, in order to impress a married woman. First, you have to muster up the courage to text her, after getting her number.

Typing errors are common when you are texting someone.

But do not overdo this, lest she will start seeing you as her grammar teacher and not someone who is interested in her.

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The chances of getting a reply are also high if she has free time on her hand, and you may as well build up a conversation with her.

If she is busy in the morning and you text her, she may dismiss it as annoying.

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Not because you do not feel like seducing her, but because you do not know how to attract a woman who is already married and familiar with the rules of seduction.

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