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It’s a fact of life: men would not work exhaustibly, make uncountable heaps of cash, or go through such lengths of personal hygiene and home décor if it were not for women.No, no man has ever gotten an erection because of a solid gold Rolex; but they have gotten an erection from the cleavage that this gold watch reveals in record time.We had an opportunity to sit with sex and relationship expert, Logan Levkoff, Ph. NYU, and undergrad at UPenn, and a few of the most beautiful faces that Ford Models LA has to offer to gain some insight on the state of the game.Although every woman will differ in her personal reservations when pursuing an Elite man, there are some defining characteristics that consistently appeal to the women you will be courting.Before you set your approach and embark on your quest of love, may we heed some advice: If You Are Getting One Word Answers, PULL BACKYou Get One Shot & One Shot Only There are few aptly comparable situations where the first impression is everything.So it is key you learn how to control her perception of your presence.The woman you are with silently scrutinizes every detail—including your cologne, fashion, and elocution.

Life’s adolescent lessons will surely be learned in time: the majority of Generation-Y will soon learn how to deal with their first mortgage, or, first bounced check.

This step is the first tier of proving ground that you will have to conquer.

The goal is to solidify your intelligence and worth. If you think you are Elite enough to be chased by women, you’ll have to learn some wit and quick.(Insider advice: read a few acts of for reference)Perfect Your Timing Engage her interests, leave an impact, and walk away—physically, digitally, and socially.

Make the woman understand there is depth, and therein cause for her to be curious.

No One Wants The Easy Ones Sorry, but having women chase you unfortunately means that you’re going to need to fall back on the one night stand approach.

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