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What would I do if, you know, something happened when we were… I was concerned that he would think I didn’t want him to stay because I didn’t like him.I sent him a text message outlining to him what IBS was, and how it affects me, and how I would understand if he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

That birthday dinner that I couldn’t turn down with my boyfriend’s family when they took us all out for Indian food and I barely made it home in time before things erupted.It’s a normal thing that many people experience at some point in their life, so be respectful of everyone’s circumstances. For years I hid the fact that I had IBS and I’m still apprehensive about telling someone I’m dating about it, but if you’re honest about it from the start, it takes the pressure off dating and you’ll have much less stressful dates by knowing that your date understands your situation.The dating game can be a nightmare for most people, healthy or not, so imagine how difficult it must be to attempt to make yourself available to the dog-eat-dog world of dating while suffering from a medical condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).It can dampen the mood a bit and can limit certain positions but as long as you take it easy and don’t overdo it, it’s usually fine.The next morning after a boozy night is usually the worst, so I’ve had to leave pretty swiftly in the past. I’ve debugged the urban myth that all those guys joke about that girls don’t poop. Joking around about IBS is OK sometimes and it’s fine to laugh at yourself but it’s important to understand that it’s a serious chronic illness that affects millions of people and some cases can be very severe.

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