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Managing frozen heritage: Some challenges and responses.

Brattli (ed.): The 58th International Sachsensymposium, 1-5 September 2007.

Publications available for free download, have been supplied with a link.

If you know of scientific publications on glacier archaeology, which are not on our list, then please let us know and we will add them.

Chronological patterns among archaeological finds from snow patches in Central Norway 1914-2011, in S.

Stene (eds.) Exploitation of Outfield Resources: Joint Research at the University Museums of Norway: 55-68 Bergen: University Museum, University of Bergen.

The plant macro-remains from the Iceman site (Tisenjoch, Italian–Austrian border, eastern Alps): new results on the glacier mummy’s environment.

2013: Ice Patch Archaeology in Global Perspective: Archaeological Discoveries from Alpine Ice Patches Worldwide and Their Relationship with Paleoclimates.

Cold Ice: A survey and Monitoring Programme of High-Alpine Cultural Heritage in the Central Alps, Switzerland.

Glacial Archaeology in the Pennine Alps, Switzerland/Italy, 2011–2014.

Out of the Norwegian glaciers: Lendbreen–a tunic from the early first millennium AD.

Global oppvarming, fonnjakt og funn fra snøfonner datert til steinalder.

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