Insufficient key column for updating or refreshing development workers dating

Total number of bounds specified: 'value' do not match the buckets value: 'value' for column 'string'.

Both tables have primary, table A has one field primary key, but table B has 4 fields composite key.

The support of DATE data type includes the following features: When you create a table, the default format for that table data is now Parquet.

For backward compatibility, you can use the DEFAULT_FILE_FORMAT query option to set the default file format to the previous default, text, or other formats.

You can use the new the DATE type to describe a particular year/month/day, in the form YYYY-­MM-­DD.

Joost what is this error on ADO Query when I try to refresh...

In Impala 3.3 and Kudu 1.10, Kudu is integrated with Hive Metastore (HMS), and from Impala, you can create, update, delete, and query the tables in the Kudu services integrated with HMS.

See Using Kudu with Impala for information on using Kudu tables in Impala.

To improve performance when using Parquet files, Impala can now write page indexes in Parquet files and use those indexes to skip pages for the faster scan.

See Query Performance for Impala Parquet Tables for details.

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ERROR 3821: Joins with an interpolated predicate can have a conjunctive expression containing equality predicates.

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