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If you’re reading this in or after 2017 and are still alien to the concept of e-commerce, you’ve got do to a lot of work before launching your business in the online ecosystem.

E-commerce (short for electronic commerce) is when commerce meets internet.

These websites usually make money by charging commissions or through advertisements.

That is, you buy products directly from the manufacturer or the middleman at discounted rates, store them in your warehouse, and sell them at profitable prices.

This business model suits businesses with guaranteed demand.

Setting up and maintaining a wholesaling and warehousing e Commerce business model requires a lot of investment and supervision.

This type of e Commerce business model is suited for businesses which-This business model is perfect for the organizations which don’t have enough investment to manufacture their own products.

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There are many dedicated dropshipping business websites. Operating a wholesaling and warehousing e Commerce business model is comparatively simpler when compared to dropshipping.

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