Is brenda song still dating trace cyrus

Whatever be the case, Brenda and Trace broke up again with the reason still undisclosed.Recently, the actress, Brenda has been seen with the lead actor of the series, Macaulay Culkin.Talking about previous affairs of Brenda, the actress has dated several high profile actors and singers.Her relationship status started in with boyfriend Raviv Ullman.Brenda Song, an American actress and singer, is known for portraying London Tipton in the Disney sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.Her character on this sitcom is noted as the longest continuous female character of the Disney Channel.However, Brenda had not officially said anything about their engagement.They were happy and all, but in June , the couple broke off their engagement.

Actually he is still dating brenda song check out the entertainment websites and magizines then it will have all the deets about their happily relationship.But, a source confirmed the news to US Weekly saying that the pair had been dating for a few months and the pregnancy was accidental.Apparently, according to the source, they are both shocked and figuring out how to handle the situation. She had known Trace for years through the friendship with Miley.A new beginning, a new day for Brenda Song and Tracey Cyrus.Trace was a little more excited to announce that his girlfriend Brenda, had agreed to marry the star.

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I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation.” With news of their break up in the media, they again patched up again 6 months later.

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