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She wants to find someone but is trying not to overthink.-Apparently there were several murders that happened based on meeting someone from an app.Susan says not to trust Googling a person and not to get in a car with them.They are planning their wedding, but that isn’t all they are doing.The couple just wrote their first book together and it happens to be a children’s book.

Internet checks can give you the information you need on people. Susan says that most people hide incriminating stuff before bringing someone over.The book is based on Lucy, who was Ashley’s dog up until 2016 when he passed away and Clark was Jared’s dog who lives with his parents since he moved to LA. 🐶📚 Lucy and Clark: A Story of Puppy Love is loosely based on our love story.It’s a tale of overcoming your fears and discovering the magic that happens when you force yourself out of your comfort zone.This is all about their love story, but the dogs in their book represent Ashley and Jared.Ashley and Jared explained that they were asked to write a book about their video .

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