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But even when she was given leading roles, the choices illustrate the idea of a “one for the studio, one of the actor” mentality.

Dunst’s roles from 1998 to 2002 illustrate her need to conform to studio standards of femininity, balanced with her own personal desire to stretch her wings as a performer.

, a black comedy/mockumentary about beauty queens living in Mount Rose, Minnesota.Verena concedes that relationships of all stripes are important, and there’s no judgement in her willingness to both be a leader and have a man on her arm.Dunst’s filmography is filled with daring characters, written and directed by women, that have been let down by the male-dominated system.As white trash contestant Amber Atkins, Dunst sends up small-town classism in a woefully bleak story. Whereas Coppola says it is only through death or isolation that women can find true freedom and acceptance, Williams cynically posits that female happiness only comes at the expense of others.The girls’ struggles see them desperate to utilize the beauty pageant as a means of leaving their crappy town.

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Dunst goes from the florid and fleshed out Verena to the blah Christy Fimple, a girl too beautiful for a last name that rhymes with “pimple.” Dunst is the literal girl next door whose only purpose is to be the eye-catching prize for Gregory Smith’s troubled Alan Abernathy.

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  1. Having a bit of money behind the web series meant they could come up with creative ways to tackle one of the biggest challenges of working with puppets – hiding the puppeteers.