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The "Rhode Island Paranormal Society", known as the RIPS foundation had already taken off making it much easier for the two friends to establish the new foundation and make it trustworthy for the fans right from the beginning.The American paranormal activist is also working as one of the actor & co-producer of Sy Fy’s reality series “Ghost Hunters". While many of you may have found my site due to my work on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Destination Truth on the Syfy Channel – others my have stumbled upon me due to my hobbies and loves.I am a girl who embraces the term, “Jane of all Trades”. SM: Is there a reason why they break up your show like that? “Ghost Hunters” is the main show, so I think that they just kind of work us in-between.

SM: That leads right into my next questions of how did you get from “Ghost Hunters” to “GHI? They had a few team members on “GHI” that wanted to leave.

I look forward to sharing with you the struggles of moving overseas – along with covering travel within my new home!

So for me, this was a chance to see the world and a chance to take on a new role within a team.

Hawes & Wilson often use their hunting events & appearances as a way to raise funds for various charities with whom they are linked.

Additionally the American paranormal plumber spends a plausible amount of time and money on charities such as the Shriners Hospitals for Children and Cure Kids Cancer.

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Jason Hawes is a very famous American Paranormal Activist, who is best known for being the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

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