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In other words, the cost of the premium for an option is lower than the cash needed to buy 100 shares outright.Similar to short-term call options, LEAPS calls allow investors to exercise their options by purchasing the shares of the underlying stock at the strike price.LEAPS provide the longer-term trader with exposure to a prolonged trend in particular security with one trade.Equity—another name for stocks—LEAPS call options allows investors to benefit from potential rises in a specific stock while using less capital than purchasing shares with cash upfront.For example, a strike price for a GE call option would mean an investor could buy 100 shares of GE at at expiry.The investor will exercise the option if the market price is higher than the strike price.

Other factors that can affect the premium price include the volatility of the stock, the market interest rate, and if the asset returns dividends.For example, an investor who owns shares of XYZ Inc.and wishes to hold them for the long term might be fearful that the stock price could fall.Without LEAPS, investors who wanted a two-year option would have to buy a one-year option, let it expire, and simultaneously purchase a new one-year options contract.The process—called rolling contracts over—would expose the investor to market changes in the prices of the underlying asset as well as additional option premiums.

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