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There is a tab and small graphic that says, "de-interlace where motion is present." I turned it on and voila! The deinterlace function is pretty handy and you can adjust even more settings in the NTSC/Pal options and Advance Options tabs.

ya pueden hecharle un ojo al blog de la asamblea 68/08 encontrar fotos de la marcha del 2 de octubre, trípticos, cuestionario...¡¡por una lucha autónoma y popular!!

To celebrate and encourage the imagination and dedication of everyone at Greenbelt, we, the Peace Zone, on behalf of the Christian Network of Peace Organisations, have created this blog as a forum for sharing your peace witness.

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  1. The arrest last week of wealthy financier and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein has resonated in Israel because of his mysterious—but well-known—ties to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who announced a new bid for office last week, and whose name appeared in Epstein’s infamous black book of prominent guests.