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New information about the mass graves at the site came to light at the beginning of this year, some months after the completion of the professional survey which Rohatyn Jewish Heritage funded last summer.

Protecting this site (as well as the mass grave south of town center) is on our agenda for future conversations with the city of Rohatyn.

Between March 1942 and June 1943, the Jewish ghetto of Rohatyn was attacked repeatedly: two deportations to Bełżec extermination camp, one on Yom Kippur in September 1942 and another deportation two months later in December; plus, unknown numbers of sporadic, unofficial, and spontaneous executions of individuals and groups within the ghetto itself and at Jewish hiding places around town and in the nearby villages.

Today we are back in Rohatyn, at another site north of town center commonly known as the vodokanal.

Jay and I were in Rohatyn with friends yesterday to mark the 75th anniversary of the final Nazi aktion which liquidated the wartime Jewish ghetto.

Once at the “vodokanal” north mass grave site, gathered around the memorial marker erected in 1998 by Jewish survivors and descendants of Rohatyn, our long-time friend and supporter Rabbi Kolesnik of Ivano-Frankivsk recited a prayer and concluded with the El Malei Rachamim (אֵל מָלֵא רַחֲמִים, “God, full of mercy”) for the souls of the departed and martyred.

When the ghetto was liquidated 75 years ago, most of the Jewish individuals and families originally from Rohatyn – our families – had already been murdered.

We are immensely grateful that Rohatyn Jewish survivors and descendants came to Rohatyn twenty years ago to erect this monument as a memorial to the lost, together with the City Administration of Rohatyn, local historians and townspeople, and religious leaders of all faiths, including Rabbi Kolesnik here with us today.By your coming together today to pray, to reflect, and to honor the memory of the Jewish victims, you build bridges and soothe cross-generational pain.By our presence here together, by our solidarity on this date, at this site, we send a message of tolerance and forgiveness, of remembrance and compassion.It was a great pleasure to also see again former Rohatyn Peace Corps volunteer Casey Alexa Peel, who was in town yesterday and able to join us.This was also our chance to finally meet Ivan Yurchenko, who leads projects documenting and indexing Jewish heritage in Halych and Burshtyn, not far from Rohatyn.

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Helen’s father (Morey’s grandfather) was born in Rohatyn, and her mother (Morey’s grandmother) was born in nearby Burshtyn.

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