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I would find either: 1) The charming bad boy like Serge Gainsbourg—mysterious, complicated, destructive, rebellious, who liked me just as much as the other girls he would be shamelessly seeing at the same time.

2) Guys who lived very, very, very far away (oi Silvio, tudo bem? 3) Guys already in a serious relationship (you know who you are, yes, you! On the other hand, if somebody would introduce me to a single, charming and open-hearted young gentleman, there would be a 99.99% chance I would not be interested.

It seemed I had an invisible magnet for unavailable men.

I've dedicated so much time and energy, and asked so much advice to figure out how to at least temporarily open a men's heart that I have in effect become an "expert" (if there is such thing) in giving love advice.

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This led me to ask my friend and editor Kerry Pieri if I could write for BAZAAR about love and dating.

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