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You are Sara Biea Affen, a silly teenage girl who’s awkward, cute, and obsessed with chickens.Sara’s goal is simple: land herself a boyfriend by the end of the summer, I. It’s up to us, the dedicated player, to see how her Summer of Fun unfolds, be it everlasting love or perpetual loneliness. We do feature characters from Kathleen’s other original stories (including Jenna Moonlight, who would get her own game later) but, if you never read these stories, then the plot is gonna feel sparse and lacking.But if you answer the questions correctly, and give them two of three possible gifts, you earn the option to go on a date with them.You can go to the mall, where your date will buy you something and possibly make out with you, or you can go to their second location, where you’ll get a rather stilted romantic scene that will end in a Big Ole’ Kiss.Admittedly, Kyle is funny and likes to have a good time, but I didn’t have much else to peg down when I played his route.

I’m not a lesbian myself but I played Sasha’s route and, surprisingly, found her to be the most well written.

That being said, the only thing about Ian that struck me was how shy he was, and how blase his dialogue sounded.

While one could argue that Ian was the best looking of the boys, he certainly isn’t any more unique.

All the while, he calls you a “stalker” and insults your appearance, eventually caving via constant exposure.

For all Liger’s pretty features and sexual ambiguity, I can’t find anything to balance out Liger’s uptight demeanor.

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