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Like it has been the case throughout history, the individuals at both the apex of the socioeconomic food chain as well as at the very bottom, are males. It's just that they're two distinct groups of men.” Well, that’s getting it in reverse because that is generally exactly what she is trying to avoid.

And it’s often hard for men to understand why attractive women would have any trouble dating because in a man’s mind “So many men want to be with her, she can get company or sex anytime she likes, what’s there to complain?

It's the one constant in history, never mind all technological advancements.

Nothing demonstrates that as starkly as the fact that in terms of genealogy, we have significantly more female ancestors as compared to male.(i.e.

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#2 Younger Women With Older Younger Women With Older .

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With very good reasons as I'll expound on further below.

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