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And it makes reconciling after separation more difficult.It’s become a cultural norm for couples to separate before a divorce.If you feel that separation is on the table, discuss it with gravitas and care.Let your children know that you are doing everything possible to keep their best interests in mind.Most of these divorces occur within the first three years of living apart.A few couples have more complicated issues, often economic, and their living apart may persist for a decade or more.These couples may have chosen a lifestyle of permanent or semi-permanent separation with neither a move toward divorce or reconciliation.The most important thing to know about marital separation is that, except in cases of domestic violence, encouraging couples to live apart for therapeutic reasons is As one of the intake coordinators at CTI, I am often asked if living apart is a good idea.

At the risk of sounding flip, a couples therapist who specializes in crafting separation agreements is like a surgeon who owns a chain of funeral parlors.

This is another example of how research contradicts “common-sense.” Living apart feels good because things often do get calmer. The track record for couples living apart speaks for itself.

Couples often pay lip-service to the idea that their separation allows them to carefully consider their options. Despite the constant online hawking of home study courses, if you’re separated, you have a better chance at being your own dentist than being your own couples therapist.

One internet marriage coach, (with absolutely no mental health training whatsoever) offers a home study course based on his own half-baked ideas, and a few useful ideas he’s lifted from reliable experts in science-based couples therapy. Couples really want to know if there is such a thing as a “therapeutic separation,” or if there are “rules” of separation in marriage.

At the same time, he slams couples therapy as ineffective. Unfortunately, many of these all-purpose therapists and coaches have little or no familiarity with the actual clinical research on living apart. They ask me: “is there any hope for my marriage after separation? The truth is the notion of “therapeutic separation” is profoundly risky.

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