Maskedtextbox validatingtype datetime

Resulting Masked Text Box with Phone Number Mask: Beep On Error This property indicates whether the masked text box control raises the system beep for each user key stroke that it rejects.

Values (Default: Culture This property sets the culture information associated with the masked text box.

This property is similar to Mask Completed property with the exception that it also encompasses optional inputs specified in the Mask property.

To compare these properties and to demonstrate their usefulness when it comes to validating, we will look at validating a phone number.

An example mask for a US phone number is a follows: (999) 000-0000 In this mask the first three digits are optional and the last seven are required.

The parentheses are considered Literals, which means the user cannot altered them.

Mask Completed This property indicates whether all required inputs have been entered into the input mask.

You can access the predefined mask via the Property Pane: Or directly in the designer: If you need to create you own format, please refer to the following table or go to the Mask Property MSDN Help Page for more details.The predefined Mask for a US phone number specifies that the area code (first three digits) is optional and the remaining seven digits are mandatory.The following examples will help demonstrate the difference between the two properties: Partially completed phone number: Text The property gets or sets the text as it is currently displayed to the user.Values (Default: You need not set this property normally, since the preset Masks already set this property appropriately.This ensures data types are within the correct range.

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The value returned may include formatting characters specified in the Mask property.

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