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The parameters of (1) (b) above will apply mutatis mutandi, £ (b) to examine records and documents, if any, relevant to the points of inquiry which might be available in the official archives at Omask. fyrre Hxaft Ma cero AHfl aah ujmpokoh ny6nn Kn o TKpbi Baercfl Bbicia BKa *Pocctifl!

Ee/iopycc Kne xonnern npe Acraanenbi cneuno Apas Aene HMe M no 6opb6e c Teppoptia MOM «An Ma3» m no Apas Ae Aenne M cneuwanb HQro Ha3Ha M©HMq BHy Tpe hhmx bo P»ck- Ha yse HHRx np Hcy TCTByj OT w HOCTpa HHbie Ha S/if OAa Tejin — GOTpy AHUKii a BCTp Mftcxoro a HTMTeppopu CTHHec KOro n OA- paa Aa/ie HHf T *Ko6pa» T B3pbl BOOna CHbl M Barfta A Tpn Motu, Hwx 63pbiea nporpe Me/in anepa b Bamafle.

I To^f Teet and examine the witnesses who are presently available, capable and Willing to depose on matters relevant to the terms of reference of the 'Commission, particularly those witnesses mentioned in the JMCI list forwarded to you earlier (copy enclosed again) , if those witnesses reside in Moscow or can be made available in Moscow; " “ Study documents, records, etc. Sr ♦Research Prof essor Institute of Oriental Studies Academy of Sciences Moscow. 3a Hec KOJib KO Haco B flo 3Toro, Taxxte b patione Aa-flopa, Ha nyiw caefl OBa HHa a BTo6yca c no/inueficiai MH own B3opsa H 3a MHHnpo- Ba HHbivi a BTOMo6nnb, b pe3yab Ta Te Hero norn6nn 16 Henoee K n 21 nony pane HMs.

relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose pertaining to the period August 1945 onwards in the archives of the FSB, previously known as K. B., as also in those of eleven archives mentioned in the Commission's letter No. 25/4/NGO-Vol XIV Dated: 3 * n V PURPOSE Or PROPOSED VISIT TO RUSSIA 1) Examination of witnesses whose names have transpired as material witnesses from the affidavits and depositions of the deponents Dr. The names of the witnesses proposed to be examined are: E. flo HH0op Ma Ui KM MHHnc Tepcraa BHyrpe H- hmx fle/i Mpaxa, 10 norn6Lunx b peaynb Ta Te sroro eapwaa — no- /i Mue^CKMe, ocia Ab Hbie — rpaxyianc KHe ™ua. Ayryc To nn Hone Ta xca©t cy A Ewbluhh 4H/1HHCKHH A^KTa TOp Ayryc To nn HOHer^ti Lue H Henp H- KOCHOBBHHOCTH vi npe Acra Hei nep OA cy AOM no o6BHH6HHf O b M acco Bbix y Oviwc TBax.

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