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In the years that you've been doing this, there've been other artists who’ve been, say, "cooler" or more "buzzed about." And many of them have faded away, and here you are here, still doing it. I find that sometimes bands decide what it would take for them to be successful. That's when we're successful." Imagine the burden of that.It's like how rarely does that happen for a band?But 12 years after Matt and Kim’s self-titled debut, they're still playing to enthusiastic audiences and making vibrant, body-moving indie-pop anthems.Along with amazing chemistry and a unique attitude toward success, one key to their longevity has been getting their music featured in television shows such as , and in commercials for Bacardi and Google.Spotify for Artists: Matt and Kim released your debut in 2006. It's not about trying to do things in steps to get other places.Did you ever imagine you'd be doing this 12 years later? I remember discussing that I never want to play a show that I wouldn't go to.“So the story goes," remembers Matt, "that [Kim] spotted me strolling across campus, turned to her friend and said: 'I'm going to fuck the brains out of that guy'.

“We spend every minute living, travelling and working together but, seriously, at the same time, the significance wasn’t there, our relationship didn’t really play into what we do.But with such an eclectic mix of new music playing through the tour bus speakers, including the "crazy and energetic" Flosstradamus, the band’s openness to new sounds should ensure an organic evolution for at least another ten years – even if you haven't quite heard of them yet.[crosspost] Lou Raguse, host of true crime podcast “88 Days: The Jayme Closs Story,” reporter who covered the ordeal from beginning to end, unveiling several twists, is doing an AMA in r/Unresolved Mysteries!As Matt recently explained, the exposure these syncs gained the band was at times as valuable as the money, and it’s one of the reasons they’ve been able to continue playing sold-out shows and putting out new music, including last May’s *Almost Everyday*.Here, we talk to Matt about navigating commercial syncs, playing music with your significant other, and the value of having no expectations. We didn't expect to ever make a living off playing music. Here's something your parents don't tell you: Don't have goals. Then you're just enjoying things in the moment that you're doing them.

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“But we decided, 'Hey, fuck it, our relationship does matter', and Hey Now is a celebration of that.

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