Microsoft outlook updating inbox

The update time would be OK if it happened in the background, but it doesn’t.

You can’t do anything else in Outlook/Win until the update is done.

After enabling automatic schedule option, if Outlook fails to update inbox folder automatically, then try next technique and check the outcome.For reasons passing understanding, the entire Rules part of Outlook is Modal. You can’t switch to another part of Outlook while you’ve got the Rules configuration dialog open.That makes it hard to check email details while editing a rule to work with some emails.along with contacts, calendar items, notes, journals and more in few steps.Along with repairing PST file when Outlook not receiving emails automatically in 2010, one can also fix PST file after Outlook 2010 failed to update headers error, Outlook synchronization error, MAPI was unable to load error and other logical errors in Outlook 2010.

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