Mixing and dating in islam

Ultimately, despite the perils that it encounters and will continue to encounter, this marriage contains the potential to succeed.

In the end, it will pave the way to a Scottish Muslim community, which will eventually contribute to shaping a new Scottish society.

The marriage between nation and religion in defining Scottish Muslims takes a distinctive form in changing notions and practices of community.

Ethnicity and heritage culture are being sidelined in contemporary definitions of Muslimness.

These men (women at this particular mosque were out of the reach of the author) share not only the same ethnic and cultural roots but also a language and similar experiences of functional migration and partition1 from a land that they left in the 1950s and 1960s but still consider home.Therefore, the paper offers a unique understanding of the reshaping of Muslim community structures in post-9/11 Scotland in relation to existing literature on Islam in Scotland and, more broadly, in Europe.The community was accessed through three very different mosques.In this regard, intergenerational changes and transformations are an obvious consequence of the deeply Scottish experiences of Scottish-born Muslims and of some younger migrants.Scottish Muslims’ life perspectives and social practices are dressed up in tartan and play the music of Islam.

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