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It was called Dating Naked, a show with a premise just like it sounds."They asked me to come in for more auditions," she said. She had a boyfriend of five years who was being ribbed for having no game, Cipriani said, so she challenged him to get girl's phone number.In the end, she said, her boyfriend cheated on her with that girl.I reached out to Channel 4 for comment about the claims. And, if former contestants Gemma Warren and James North's relationship is anything to go by, the 2019 contestants could have love in store for them.A spokesperson for the show tells me: "All participants have a dressing gown to wear during any time they are waiting to film and are chaperoned by members of the production team to ensure the pickers and their potential dates do not meet ahead of filming."Hmm. Well, apart from the early start and long hours, what else is there to know about interview, Gavin also revealed that, while contestants who end up taking part on the day aren't paid anything, contestants who turn up on standby and fail to appear on the show are paid £75 for their certainly not for the prudish or anatomically shy, but it has actually proved pretty popular — though not with Chrissy Teigen, who tweeted in shock when she discovered the show in 2017.

Instead of meeting face-to-face, contestants are asked to choose a partner by solely comparing the different anatomical parts of six naked bodies (genitalia included).And, while most things are on full display during filming for the series, there are actually quite a lot of contestant, known only as Gavin, revealed a few details that may surprise you.For example, although the show is aired pretty late at night, contestants are expected on set at 7 a.m.Yes, it’s time for “Dating Naked,” a reality series beginning Thursday on VH1 in which just-introduced strangers looking for love are nude from the get-go.This comes nine days after the new FYI channel, an A&E offshoot, introduced “Married at First Sight,” in which strangers paired by supposed experts begin their relationship by marrying, then decide whether they like each other.

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"Let's just hope all the appropriate parts were properly blurred, so there won't be any more $10 million lawsuits.

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