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Son, the reason they are relying on both methods is because their IKS system isn't up to par and they know it.When your cardless bin only works for one provider and for a certain # of channels and you need IKS for another provider, this is what you called a hobbled together system.You need objective opinions and not the fodder that one sees on forums that are financially supported by an fta manufacturer. The data is recorded over the network and onto your PC's hard drive. As you may have known, having better technical specs doesn't guarantee you the most uptime.Always question whether the site itself is being pushed to sway members to go with one brand or another.was created to assist everyone that is new to the world of NFusion.It is a constant 'work in progress' and will updated periodically as seen fit by the loyal members of F2This is considered a due to the nature of how it will not only answer your Frequently Asked Questions, but it will also 'guide' you to the area of the forum that your question has already been answered/discussed by a fellow member.Having tested both units I can say the neosat has the better PVR function, the better GUI, the better remote, looks better, more power, and overall more potential.

I am thinking of nfusion or neosat - due automatic network updating. Neosat is backed by kids who cobble together fixes that sometimes just isn't reliable.Even when they have both running, you don't get all the channels! The last ECM, Nfusion was the only one that was up.You can read the messages at their support forum if you want to see this for yourself. At least I'll have all my locals and off air HDTV channels. I've been reading the Neosat forums and you can't possibly admit that you've 'only' been down for 2 half days.The n Fusion Phoenix is the latest standard definition FTA satellite receiver from nfusion.This is an upgrade from the wildly popular n Fusion Nova and Solaris by adding a faster processor and more memory. The n Fusion Solaris is the new replacement FTA receiver for the very popular n Fusion Nova.

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