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Katim explained why he wanted to turn Melinda Metz’s series, “Roswell High,” into a TV show:“It was an idea I never would’ve come up with on my own,” the EP admitted.

“It seemed like an incredibly romantic idea to me, these two characters, Liz and Max, being in love but having this very real thing that kept them from being together.

In case you needed any more convincing that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the love story we all need right now, consider this: The pair’s first date involved eating pizza at his apartment, and Blunt holds the story too dear to even discuss. She does, however, reveal who made the first moves — although that point is in cute contention between the pair.

The husband-and-wife duo opened up about their meet-cute during a rare joint interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Tuesday. As the biggest year of John Krasinski & Emily Blunt's lives comes to a close with #Mary Poppins Returns, the actors — part of our year-end Rule Breakers issue — give a rare joint interview and reveal why they've kept their careers separate, the reason they made an exception for #AQuiet Place, and how they navigate marriage, parenthood, famous friends and staying down to earth on the A-list. Photo: @andrew__hetherington A post shared by Hollywood Reporter (@hollywoodreporter) on her, he offers his version of their history: “It was me asking for a while and you took some time, and then we finally had a date.” Semantics aside, Blunt and Krasinski were clearly a match.

As the host of Investigation Discovery’s new series, , the 43-year-old actress shares the stories of other women who have fought back against their attackers and lived to tell about it. He’s so funny and seems like he would be fun to goof around with. I work out with my trainer, Marc Monroe, and love trying anything he picks. CC: Eat as much protein as possible to ward off cravings.

For her inspirational outlook on overcoming these traumatic experiences, and her thoughtful advice on dating and single motherhood, Carpenter is this month’s She Knows Girl Crush.

Photo Gallery: See more photos of Charisma Charisma Carpenter: Cate Blanchett.

In high school, I had a crush on a guy with a unibrow and my brother said he looked like a Cro-Magnon. CC: “To thine own self be true.” I have a tattoo of it on my side written in Old English.

“I would try to entertain myself -- I would find moments to do weird s---, or give it a slightly weird read.What we were handling was grade-A material.”The most significant memory the cast has from their time on “Roswell”:“The hair.There was a lot of hair going on,” Behr joked about the cast’s ’90s style.So, what did they have to say about their experience on the show that lasted for three glorious seasons?Well, their answers brought more heat to the Alamo than a whole case of hot sauce, which of course we all know is an alien delicacy!

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