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Even if you end up totally hating each other, you’ll have a blast. Lounging under the cherry blossoms at Prospect Park in the spring, riding the Wonder Wheel showing off your summer bod at Coney Island, drinking wine on a patio overlooking the Autumn foliage in Central Park, and ice skating under the tree at Rockefeller Center.Some parts of NYC will always be smelly and disgusting, but on those certain perfect days every season, the city turns into a film.We look for potential partners who not only share our client’s values and lifestyle, but also those that will complement our client’s communication style.

Meet up for a flying trapeze class overlooking the Hudson river, or a masked cuddle puddle in Bushwick, or a Chinatown dim sum restaurant for a secret after-hours dance party.In all seriousness, this city attracts all kinds of unique individuals, which means you can find people who are just as idiosyncratic as you are.Married to your career, but still want to go on hot dates sometimes? Obsessed with making slime videos for your Instagram, and looking for a make-out buddy between filming sessions? In NYC, you’ll find people just as ambitious or content, as outgoing or introverted, and as stoic or sensitive as you are.It’s hard not to feel romantic when experiencing it all with someone new.We might be freezing and miserable all winter, but we can take solace in its ambiance. The rest of America says we live in a liberal bubble, but come on, it’s totally diverse; every type of liberal you could imagine lives here!

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A powerful combination of generations of intuitive matchmaking experience together with modern behavioral psychology means that we leave nothing to chance.

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