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(or in 2010 from CAS server distribution point or in 20 from Public Folders) I have opened OAB from my mailbox and result is in the Picture Creation of a mailbox doesn´t updtate OAB itsetf. When prompted, enter sensitive information such as credentials or password only if you trust the remote computer and the application or script requesting it.

To create mailbox use command WARNING: A script or application on the FRONTEND1. Now I have tested if OAB change is reflected in client computer (should not be) And now I have downloaded new OAB to client and tested again One registry key setting and Outlook client will work online from Addres book point of view, BUT!

By default OAB is a point in time snapshot of global address list and it is used as cached source of information about Exchange recipients properties.

OAB is stored on Exchange servers (see my previous article and downloaded to client once Outlook is configured in Cached mode.

Clients never connect directly to this backend location.

Client requests for the OAB are proxied by the Client Access (frontend) services on a Mailbox server to this backend location. Clients are by default downloads OAB every 24 Hours once.

Welcome to Offline address Book(OAB) multi part articles, In this Series, we are going to learn the complete details of OAB on How it works.

How Does Offline Address Book (OAB) Works – Deep Dive (Part 1) How Does Offline Address Book (OAB) Works – Deep Dive (Part 2) How Does Offline Address Book (OAB) Works – Deep Dive (Part 3) How to Plan and Deploy Offline Address Book(OAB) Let’s get in, What is an Offline Address Book?

Suppose you have multiple Exchange data center locations and users are distributed across the locations, you can create the Shadow Copies of the OABs so that network traffic can be avoided.

Service Responsible for Offline Address Book(OAB) Generation: OAB Generation is taken care by the Mailbox Assistants Service.

it allows OAB Generation to run or pause based on the workloads of the Exchange Servers.

In eariler versions, It has been taken care by the Exchange System Attendant Service. So far, we have seen the General information about the Offlien Address Book, Now let’s deepin to the process, How Offline Address Book(OAB) Generation works?

OAB generation is being controlled by the mailbox assistant named OABGenerator Assistant that runs under the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants service.

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Frond End Client access service Queries the Active Directory to find the organization mailbox which is responsible for generating the User’s the default OAB.

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