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The app walks wearers through the pairing process, which involves holding each shoe close to their phone.

That process failed a couple of times during my demo.

The company wants to fundamentally change footwear and, of course, sell more shoes.

Imagine: your feet swell during a basketball game because you’ve been running back and forth on the court, and your sneakers detect your blood pressure.

This will help keep all the time markings very clean and easy to read.

Employees will make fewer mistakes and health inspectors will be pleased to see that your operation is working to insure that out of date items are not being used.

It just knows almost kind of what you’re thinking,” says Eric Avar, VP & creative director at Nike Innovation.

I hate when people point out my untied shoes, but his feel intentional. He laughs and swears he’s not doing this on purpose, that Nike hasn’t deliberately set up my visit with a scene out of an infomercial fail.

The Adapt BB — the BB stands for “basketball” — build on Nike’s decades-long dream to create an auto-lacing smart shoe that adapts to wearers’ feet.

A mysterious but seemingly thoroughly built-out product road map is mentioned to me multiple times throughout my visit.

I get the impression that Nike wants adaptive fit technology to be a data-fueled platform with a storied product lineage.

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