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Once winning in a competition, all current males in the pride will be kicked out and left to find another pride.While in search for another pride these males will often engage in sexual behavior with each other; creating a strong bond in this new coalition created.In a study concentrated on primate aggression, researchers wanted to observe primates in conflict.How primates coped and resolved conflicts was a main concern in this study.Researchers stated that after primates participated in a heated, physical fight; both primates involved in the fight would hug and have a mouth-to-mouth kiss.

Having created this bond with the male, they will share food with each other and not compete with each other.Observed non-procreative sexual activities include non-copulatory mounting (without penetration, or by the female), oral sex, genital stimulation, anal stimulation, interspecies mating, and acts of affection.Lions are known to engage in sex to create bonds and interact with each other.Sex is a basic form of communication in bonobos’ life.It seems to infuse everything from simple expressions of affection to the establishment of dominance.

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If a male bonobo attempts to harass a female bonobo, the other females will help the female defend herself because of the strong bonds they have with each other.

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