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Hi All, I've searched wide and far online for an answer but have had little luck - looking to one of you for some guidance here if possible.

Issue: Sent mail folder in Mail application on Windows 10 doesn't sync more than 30 days of send...

Most of the Georgia users logon to our terminal server that is located in Birmingham to work and check email, but some of the Georgia user work from their local desktop.

The problem is that when some of the Georgia users work from their local desktop and open MS Outlook it takes a really really long time for the mailbox to update/synchronize.

I also disable cache mode and this still didnt seem to fix problem. As far as I know it is only happening to 2 people so I dont think it is a bandwidth issue.

The majority of our servers are located in Birmingham, AL including our MS Exchange Server 2003.Most service providers provide a link for your mails through desktop applications like Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook.Outlook is an email app that comes with Microsoft Office.After some recent changes to my PC, the program is suddenly very slow to change between email folders.What I mean specifically is if I click on one inbox, and... Core i7-4500U 256 SSD 8 GB or RAM This may be more of a networking issue and how the Mail App communicates over the network.

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