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When she lands, she applies Shu Uemura eye cream and La Prairie moisturizer. "I have to deep condition the next day like all day long or else my hair gets so damaged from the foam." Who knew?

Here's the surprising thing about Paris, at least to me, a person who had never met her and has a definite preconceived notion of her: She's really approachable and disarming.

As a preteen and teen on AIM, I regularly frequented the “child-friendly” chat rooms that were filled with middle-aged men.

And was perhaps the beginning of my fear of chain emails…the idea that if you did not share something terrible, something terrible would happen to you. But now, “Share this or die” messages make me laugh with rapturous glee.

In 2005, the year Hilton launched her first fragrance, a lot of things happened. "I was wearing a lot of pink because the fragrance was pink.

I always try to dress like the theme of my fragrance.

Then they came to the consensus that the famous person would just have someone replying for them.

Hilton is headed to Ibiza to this summer for the third year in a row to deejay, and is no stranger to jetting around the world, so I asked her for her travel beauty tips.

To combat plane skin, she slaps on SK-II's famous sheet masks, as well as a mask that she says is infused with 24-carat gold. I probably look crazy wearing [masks] on the plane, but I don't care," she said. "Your hair just gets really messed up from it," she said.

The new one is more concentrated than the original, though, and comes in a crystal-bedazzled bottle.

"I was just looking back on all my fragrances and I just think they're all so different and really show the growth in my life and how I've changed," she said.

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