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Short answers mean that you have not read this and will be immediately denied.

The main things we seek in our members are:• Understanding of sex-positivity. We are a community.• You must have a photo that shows your full face (similar to a passport photo) with no sunglasses, masks or paint.

Sex positivity is about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.

Anyone can attend Level 1 events so please feel free to bring a friend or loved one.

Sex Positive Portland is a real community of open-minded, fun, and awake people.

Our members plan and host events centered around understanding and exploring all aspects of human sexuality, consent, relationship styles, kink, gender, and orientation. Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference._________________________________________________________________________What does our group do?

Enjoy ...; Love is in the air for Dotted Girl and her boyfriend! Audrey is so excited that she will be spending Valentine's Day with her boyfriend. Give her to get an awesome outfit, then dress him up for...; For Valentine's Day, Olivia wants you to experiment with her spell factory and create the perfect boyfriend.Join her in these playful experiments, combine various ingredients to summon boys, and s...; Create the best dating profile in this new game called Love Finder Profile!Anna and Elsa want to get the boys and they have a plan.Kristoff and Jack ...; Have fun with the princesses and the princes in this new game called Disney Princesses Date Rush!

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  1. Pretty much any sort of chick you dream about can be found there. I need to hear the moans and know they’re just for me. I can make requests, tell her what gets me off, let her tease me, all of it.

  2. "Sex," she says, "brings us closer together, releases hormones that help our bodies both physically and mentally, and keeps the chemistry of a healthy couple healthy." Problem-solving strategies: Money problems can start even before the wedding vows are exchanged.