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“If you want to have a real relationship, you have to have a presence.I give members a presence and a voice, and it’s so rewarding for me.” Mazal Tov already has several thousand members, but it is steadily growing as word of its compassionate services spread.Today, Devora owns and operates three free dating sites, including Mazal, a niche platform for Jewish singles with special needs.Altogether, Devora supports 100,000 members who are seeking love and connection online.This not-for-profit endeavor has given singles with special needs the tools and technology to reach out to one another and bring an end to their loneliness.Looking to the future, Devora said she hopes to add job-matching tools and other resources to further assist members with special needs.Devora said the success stories on Mazal don’t just include people meeting and falling in love.

“I believe everyone deserves love, and we have to take care of people.” Everyone enters the dating industry for different reasons, but those who stay and find success are often the ones in it for a greater good than themselves.

The Scoop: Some matchmakers are satisfied with staying local and maintaining a relatively small client base, but Devora Alouf isn’t one of those matchmakers.

This dating expert has used modern technology to expand her reach nationwide and offer her matchmaking services and dating wisdom to people throughout North America.

This unique platform welcomes people regardless of their financial situation, disability, or background.

“I’m very proud of it because it’s a real help,” Devora said.

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